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The peninsula encompasses 73,000 square miles (190,000 square kilometers) of limestone lowlands perforated with underground caves and tunnels, a majority filled with water. There are no surface rivers or streams (except the far southern portions). The limestone is so soft that rain percolates easily through the ground. Cenotes are natural wells that evolve when the limestone weakens and collapses forming “windows” to the underground aquifer. The land surface is virtually dotted with these cenotes.

Cenotes have, for a very long time, been the main source of water in almost all of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan people consider these cenotes to be sacred and believe that they are gifts of the gods. The word “cenote” is derived from a Mayan term – D’zonot – and represents a subterranean cavity that contains permanent water. While diving the cenotes of the Riviera Maya, you can actually witness the geological calendar. Through your mask you will see spectacular formations formed during the last ice age and appreciate archaeological discoveries.

Cavern Dive
The world´s most famous place for cavern diving! This is the ultimate dive that everyone is talking about. It is an experience you will always remember.

Cave Diving
As per standards defined by cave certifying agencies, a cave dive is any dive that extends beyond 60 meters or 200 feet of natural light. The only divers who are allowed to enter the cave systems are certified cave divers. A certified cave diver is taught the rules, technical skills and safety procedures for this type of technical diving. They are also trained, if they so choose, to guide open water certified divers through the caverns.

Cave instruction
Whether you want to become a certified cave guide, or just want to advance your technical training, we have several different options, from a cavern course to full cave diver. By doing your training in the Rivera Maya you will experience the best place in the world for cave diving. Temperature average 75 degrees year round with over five hundred feet visibility and one of the largest cavern systems anywhere.

Cave system maps
On what visibility is concerned, the caves here are in the top 3 clearest in the entire planet. Under ice we can find up to 1000ft of straight line visibility but we may all agree that it is too cold to even try!

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