Cavern Diving

The Yucatan peninsula is probably the best well known place in the world for cave and cavern diving. These caves are called Cenotes which is the Spanish form of the Maya word d’zonot. If you are visiting us, this is your opportunity to experience a completely different and unique way of exploration. These water filled caves attract divers from all over the world as they present a technical diving challenge.

The Cenotes (cavern) are the access to a huge net of underground freshwater rivers; Mother Nature veins keep ancient secrets and provide testimony of past cultures and extinct animals.

This underground rivers are consider top class cavern and cave diving and
the Riviera Maya is home of a fine cave diving community; some of its
members are world class divers and instructors.If you are a certified open
water diver with a recent dive you are welcome to join a 40 minute
orientation on the procedures you need to experience a cavern dive.

This is a mandatory pre requisite in order to participate on a cavern dive.
This introduction on overhead environment diving procedures including
underwater communication with flashlights, team diving protocols, emergency
procedures, buoyancy control and gas consumption rules.


The area offers over 10 different cenote diving options, the 3 basic aspects
to consider a cavern dive are: sunlight entrances, stalactites and
stalagmites (decorations) and how friendly the environment is, this is the
size of the passageways, depth changes, darkness and sediment types.

The best cenotes for divers who never done this before are Dos Ojos and Chac
Mool, Eden and Chikin Ha. After doing one of this dives, The Pit, Mystic
River, Dream gate and Angelita are amazing options.Training for overhead
environment diving is available.

So, with thousands of deep pit Cenotes and extensive sub horizontal flooded cave networks you can be sure to have your daily adrenaline rush!

Regular sites Special sites
Ocean Dives Rates (Without Dive Gear)
Dos Ojos Barbie line Temple of Doom
Dos Ojos Bat Cave Sac Aktun
Chac Mool Aktun Ha
Taj Ma Ha Angelita
Eden The Pit
Chikin Ha Dream Gate
Mystic River

This combinations of the cenotes can be changed.

We go for 2 dives with the following combinations:
Ocean Dives Rates (Without Dive Gear)
Dos Ojos Barbie line + Bat Cave $140.00
Chac Mool and Taj Ma ha $140.00
Chikin Ha and Taj Mahal $140.00
Eden and Chac Mool $140.00
Taxes included

Cenotes Special
Regular sites Special sites
Ocean Dives Rates (Without Dive Gear)
Angelita and Sac Aktun $180.00
Aktun Ha and Temple of Doom $180.00
The Pit and Mystic River $180.00
The Pit and Dream gate $200.00

If this activity is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have and assist you in the best possible way we can.

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