Divers exploring the reef

Akumal’s reefs belong to the second largest barrier reef in the planet. They are lots of fun for seasonal divers, student divers and macro underwater photographers thanks to its almost nonexistent currents, short boat rides to the reefs and good visibility.

Akumal is recognized by the constant population of sea turtles, nurse sharks and eventual encounters with whale sharks, eagle rays and dolphins. But be assured to see incredible amounts of hard coral, lots of marine invertebrates and tropical fish like barracudas, porkfish, grunts, squirrelfish, snappers, blue chromis, sergeants, groupers, parrots, blue tangs, wrasses and many more, not in huge schools but everywhere around on each dive.

Akumal Dive SitesAkumal Dive Sites. Diving around the Akumal area is wonderful; there are many several sites ranging in depth from 40 ft to 100 ft where you will see the beautiful and colorful coral and the great variety of marine life. Deeper dives are also available for tech diving.  You can dive here every day for two weeks and never dive on the same dive site twice..

Ocean DivesOcean Dives. Daily dives to shallow or deep dives, what a better way to enjoy scuba diving! 
Dive trips are scheduled at 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and night dives daily.

Night DiveNight Dive. Our night dives will blow you away! The coral reef becomes even more alive in Akumal during the night, with many fish and creatures that can be seen at night that you usually would not be able to see during the day. This experience is magical; you will see bio luminescence bursting all around you making you feel as if you were flying through outer space. Many say it is the best dive they have ever done!!  

Bull Shark Diving. This is the extreme scuba diving experience for certified divers who want to experience the most thrilling dive in the world.
It is an incredible feeling!!!

Special DivesSpecial Dives. With any of our special dives, you will have an amazing experience!  Chinchorro Banks diving, bull sharks, Cozumel trips and much more.

Wreck DivingWreck Diving. Shipwreck diving is an underwater adventure!
Wrecks have an exciting and sometimes tragic history waiting to be discovered; they also challenge you to put your diving skills into practice.

Deep Diving. Deep diving is a real pleasure that makes you experience a fantastic feeling of excitement before you go down and a tangible feeling of relaxation as the sound of the bubbles dies away.

Cozumel Diving. Here divers can drift along the coral covered walls in the incomparable blue sea of our famous Cozumel Marine Park, and explore the amazing sites like, Palancar Caves and Palancar Garden with its excellent tunnels and magnificent formations.

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