Wreck Diving

Although most old wrecks have a history behind them there is an increasing trend to scuttle retired ships to create artificial reef sites. Wreck diving is the activity where these shipwrecks are explored.

A shipwreck creates an artificial reef habitat rich on marine life. It is often a large structure with many interesting parts and machinery not normally observable on working floating vessels, generally have an exciting or tragic history and present new skill challenges for scuba divers. Many shipwrecks are also part of the underwater cultural heritage because of their important archaeological significance.

Puerto Morelos
Shipwreck diving is an underwater adventure! The Wreck Name is C- 56 JUAN ESCUTIA, it is a 150 feet long war ship purchased from the US NAVY after the Second World War along with 5 others sister ships. It was sunken in front of Puerto Morelos Town in 1996 as part of an ARTIFICIAL REEF PROGRAM. This shipwreck is fully covered in coral and has a great amount of marine life all over it. You will see beautiful amazing eagle rays that usually are hanging around in the current among other species like barracudas; big snappers and others that have made this wreck their home.

The first dive is a multilevel dive, penetrating the wreck, through the engine room and the state rooms. We visit the bow, stern and bridge, and finish with a safety stop on our descent line. The dive is around 30 to 35 min. The shipwreck is located at 90 feet deep.
As the wreck was sunken for diving purposes, there is no need for special wreck diving certification. The wreck is wide open, for easy access.
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Note: One reef dive mandatory prior to diving the wreck.



INCLUDED: 2 tanks dives, dive guide, scuba gear, boat ride and marina park entrance fee.   Second dive is a Reef Dive of 40 to 50 feet deep.

RATE: $150 per diver


Wednesday 7:00 AM
Friday 7:00 AM
Sunday 7:00 AM

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