snorkeling tour in akumalDiscover the world beneath the waves!
Akumal is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea. It has a particular appeal for those interested to have a unique snorkeling experience due to its rich marine life (mainly turtles) in shallow waters.

In the Riviera Maya we offer a variety of snorkeling trips in 4 different ecosystems: Ocean, Lagoon, Cenotes (Caverns) and Coastal Lagoon.

So for those looking to find the best snorkeling Akumal offers abundant marine life and easy snorkeling conditions and the only area in the Riviera Maya where you can swim with sea turtles all year round. If you are in the area, come by our Dive Shop, we´ll take you through this exciting experience with our professional guides, equipment and attention.

If you come to Akumal you must get in the water and go snorkeling right away! Check the options that The Akumal Dive Shop offer and choose the one that fits best your needs of adventure.

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Snorkeling Equipment Rate
Equipment Per day Per Week
Mask & Snorkel $7 $35
Fins $5 $25
Mask, fins & Snorkel $12 $60
Vest $5 $25
Small Locker $5 $25
Large Locker $10 $50

Yal ku lagoon

View of Yal-ku lagoonThe Yal ku lagoon is a very unique place where fresh water mixes with the incoming salt waters of the ocean. This results in a beautiful sanctuary for huge amounts of fish and many birds and a very unusual phenomenon known as “halocline” is observed.

Dos Ojos

The Dos ojos system is unique in the planet. Here you can snorkel through geological formations, fossils and much more. It is so special that it is been featured on many IMAX movies such as “Journey to amazing caves” and “The cave”.

Casa Cenote

A coastal lagoon named “Casa cenote” where you will snorkel through mangroves and a Cenote with beautiful formations and interesting scenery.

If this activity is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have and assist you in the best possible way we can.

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